After Sales Services – hotel residences

Asher property is committed to helping you through every stage of buying your beautiful home in gorgeous properties such as at the Magnolia Waterfront Residences, Four Seasons Private Residences, or any of the other private luxury hotel residences that Asher Property offer. What makes us the number one residential luxury property real estate agent in the market is our attention to detail and after sales services.


We understand that sometimes it does not end with just buying a property. Interior design plays a big role to your purchase whether it is for investment or residential purpose.

What makes your investment into hotel residences really yours? Imagine the feeling of a home tailored to fit your lifestyle and preferences. It’s a desire every one of us shares. Yet, sometimes our life schedule gets in our way. We understand that time is of an essence.

Therefore, we, Asher Property, offer you a one-stop-service in which we take care of all the hassles in finding, facilitating and/or coordinating with the best interior designer for you. We bring your vision to reality, no matter how much or little help you need from us.

magnolia waterfront hotel residences

After-Care hospitality

Thailand is known as “Land of Smiles”, its people’s friendliness, helpfulness, and hospitality. Sometimes settling in a new place is a real buzz. We would like to lend a hand to simplify all the chaotic sequences for our dear customers as much as we could. No matter what you need, from local advice to personalized services, we are here for you. Do not hesitate to tell us, we are more than happy to help.

Legal Support

Buying or Selling hotel residences and other properties do involve with legal issues. Each country has its own laws and regulations. At Asher Property, we provide legal support to facilitate your purchase. 

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