Luxury Branded Residences – A Worthwhile Investment Trend

Luxury Branded Residences

Speaking of luxury branded residences, what comes to your mind? To some people, they might imagine the most astonishing home of their dreams. To some, they think beyond. Since branded residences are known to their quality assurance, style, and after-sales services; investors flock to target these residences as their valuable asset.

Being managed and serviced by a luxury hotel operator, these condominiums result in a unique lifestyle concept that offers an enchanting comfort of a 5-star hotel. Residents of these luxury projects benefit from a unique set of facilities such as room service, a 24-hr concierge, and indulgent luxury amenities, all these from the comfort and privacy of their home.

International Brand Image

There is a long-term reward in investing in these branded residences. The potential for those homes to remain highly valued is strong for a number of reasons. Encountering poor building management is nothing to worry about which in turn increases the value of their assets.

There is greater ease for investors in renting out their apartments in hotel luxury branded residences, as the hotels will have their own pool of potential tenants. Thanks to the international brand image and appeal of the brands, there may be a larger pool of buyers who already have high trust in such brands.


Not only there are numbers of luxury branded residences being recently built in Bangkok, but some of the worthwhile residences worth taking a look at are also The Ritz Carlton Residences, Four Season Private Residences Bangkok, and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental. Those iconic assets are waiting for your investment to grow.


Julie Parkinson
Asher Property Editor

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