Change of Policy: Take Home Alcoholic Beverages Allowed

Regarding the previous policy that all alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be sold until 31 of May 2020, the strict policy has been reduced. Now, alcoholic beverages will be allowed from May 3rd, but people will only be able to drink at home,  not in restaurants when they reopen, the government said. In addition, restaurants will not be allowed to serve alcohol as part of the condition for their reopening.

Night clubs and hangout venues where alcohol is sold would still be closed. The ban is initially aimed to cut down social gatherings at public places as much as possible in order to contain the increased rate of coronavirus transmission. The government would inspect closely as the containment measures are at ease. If the infection number rises significantly, further actions would be taken immediately. 

Julie Parkinson

Asher Property Editor

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