Impressive Emerging Hotels in Charoen Krung District 2020

Hotels Of Charoen Krung

Speaking of Charoen Krung, people will think of a community that is full of culture and history. The Vienna house, a well-known, fast-growing, European hotel chain with over 30 years of operation in France, Berlin, Munich, Prague, and many more.

With the Austrian hospitality tradition and understanding of diverse cultures, the hotel is customized to embrace the differences and diversity to accommodate their guests. Reinventing the old historical customs house into the Austrian’s hotel chain, the Vienna House Bangkok is located on the main river, Chao Phraya.

The hotel is going to support up to 70 rooms and suites as well as offering upscale cuisine and beverages, meeting, and seminar areas. The style of the Vienna House is designed with trendy concepts and a lively atmosphere infused with a rich culture, creating a relaxing vibe.

The hotel would not only be just another hotel along the river, but it would also add charm and of course, attract tourists in the Charoen Krung district even more. 

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Moreover, other well-established hotel chains are situated in the Charoen Krung district as well. Four Seasons Hotel, Capella Hotel, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel are among the top hotels to choose from. Apart from the interiors and extraordinary services,  these hotels offer a breathtaking view of the Chaophraya River.

Charoenkrung is definitely a destination worth visiting and of course, an address to consider. Apart from the attractive cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars, and shopping areas along the district that offer an extraordinary experience for visitors and residences, a number of branded residences and high-end condominiums are located in this area.

Some of which are Four Seasons Private Residences, The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, and Magnolias Waterfront Residences. Moreover, if you are looking for options for a riverside condo in Bangkok, Charoenkrung is the right place to look at.

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