Comparison between Freehold and Leasehold Properties around Rajdamri, Wireless, and Langsuan

A Comparison between Freehold Leasehold Properties Rajdamri, Wireless, and Langsuan

The neighborhood around properties Rajdamri, Wireless, and Langsuan are some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Bangkok. The residents have got everything within their reach which are public transports, leading shopping malls, Michelin-starred restaurants, and most importantly, the green surroundings around the area. Due to its charm, the land within the area is considered one of the most expensive in Bangkok. There are a number of condominiums within the perimeter, including freehold and leasehold residences. Buying a freehold condominium means that residents have full ownership of the property until he or she decides to sell it. However, when purchasing a leasehold condominium, the owner does not possess the unit permanently but instead purchasing the right to occupy the unit for a specified lease term. Different projects have different leasehold structures. 

Freehold properties within the proximity are 185 Rajadamri, 98 Wireless, and Nimit Langsuan. Those luxury condominiums are established by well-known developers such as Raimon Land, Sansiri, and Pace Development. Moreover, those apartments are designed by world-class architects and designers, making the cost of the condominium units soar up, despite the high cost of the land itself. 

Optionally, there are also leasehold properties within the area namely Sindhorn Tonson, The Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski, Sindhorn Residence, Dusit Residences, and Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard which are also developed by reputable developers. The prices of freehold Leasehold properties in this area are approximately 30-40% lower than freehold properties, making it a preferable alternative for those who wish to live in this sought-after neighborhood, among natural surroundings such as the Lumpini Park view and tall tree lines along the peaceful road, whilst enjoying urban facilities. Freehold property prices are around 350,000-750,000 THB per sqm while leasehold properties are usually about 200,000- 250,000 THB per sqm. At Asher Property, we feature some of the properties that stand out in the spotlight within this neighborhood such as The Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski – starting price: 12.9 MB for a studio 53.5 sq.m room, Sindhorn Residences – One Bedroom, 68 sq.m  starting at 10.8 MB, Sindhorn Tonson – Two Bedroom, 107 sq.m starting price at 19.4 MB, and 185 Rajdamri – One Bedroom 77 sq.m starting at 22 MB.


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