Lumphini Park: Green space showcase

Lumphini Park: Green space showcase

Conveniently located in Bangkok’s Central Business District, Lumphini Park is a literal breath of fresh air for local residents. Thailand’s first public park, this 142-acre stretch of open recreational space offers room to play and relax away from the bustling city streets that are just a few steps away. Accessible by major thoroughfares as well as public transportation with Silom MRT and Sala Daeng BTS stops a few minutes walk away, Lumphini Park anchors this desirable neighborhood surrounded by high-end, luxury residences such as the incredible Nimit Langsuan.


Lumphini Park’s Royal History

Lumphini Park began as a royal project to highlight Thailand’s accomplishments to the world. King Rama VI bestowed royal lands for the Siamese Kingdom Exhibition in 1925, naming the grounds Lumphini Park as a tribute to the Buddha’s birthplace. Although the exhibition never came to be when Rama VI died, his successor, King Rama VII, continued developing the land. The groundwork then included Thailand’s first public library and the Chinese-inspired clock tower that still stands today, as well as the ponds and connecting canals.

Over the years, the park has seen many developments, including exercise stations added to jogging paths as well as a fully-equipped fitness center with a swimming pool and basketball and tennis courts. The Bhirom Bhakdi Stage was added to host outdoor entertainment. The trees and plant life as well as the waterways have now become home to a wide array of birds, turtles, and fishes to promote a truly natural environment in the middle of the city.

Lumphini Park is Your Neighborhood 

Residents look to Lumphini Park for more than just a place for picnics, although it has many beautiful grassy areas ideal for a family outing. There are paddle boats if you want to take to the water and a playground for the kids to enjoy. Of course, there’s plenty of exercise with the jogging path, indoor and outdoor gyms, and tennis and basketball courts.

For a more community feel, various cultural groups organize concerts and other performances at Bhirom Bhakdi Stage. As part of Bangkok’s park system, there are free aerobic classes held at the park in the mornings and evenings every day, and the Elderly Health Center hosts Tai Chi and meditation, classes. And throughout the year, different events, from the Red Cross Fair to the Thailand Tourism Festival and more, create a lively atmosphere for the entire neighborhood.

Let Asher Property Find Your Luxury Dream Home

It is no wonder then, that many luxury residences have been developed in the Lumphini Park area. From the Oriental Residences to Muniq Langsuan, from the Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski to 98 Wireless. Each property has its own unique character with luxury facilities and services. Asher Property is an expert in high-end residences in the best neighborhoods in Bangkok, focusing on what our clients desire for their homes and matching them to their ideal location and property. Interested in making Lumphini Park your luxury neighborhood, or would you like to know more about the many options available for your lifestyle? Contact Asher Property today!

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