Thailand as the Medical Hub Destination in Asia

Medical Hub

Thailand has always been one of the top choices for medical hub destinations in Asia. Patients receive an extraordinarily high standard of care while paying relatively a lot lower cost of treatment. Thai medical personnel and technical advancement are equivalent to countries like Singapore, Japan, and European countries.

In a growing trend, foreign patients have been treated more than 3.4 million times with over 1 billion baht being generated as an income for the country in 2018. The medical hub in Thailand welcomes international patients with 64 JCI (Joint Commission International) standardized hospitals, ranking the highest among ASEAN countries and fourth globally as the largest number.

Samitivej, Bumrungrad, and The Bangkok Hospital are very popular among international visiting communities due to their specialty centers, services, and accreditations.  

 The Thai Rich Culture

During the past few years, more and more foreign patients, especially Chinese, want to visit Thailand for treatment or special treatment programs that require longer stays. The country’s strong tourism also advocates Thailand as a medical hub. Thai rich culture, its cuisine, and friendly people are some of the factors that give Thailand a competitive advantage over other countries. 

Medical hub tourism has also led to opportunities for other businesses to shine together. Hospitality and real estate businesses are being benefited from this. Short-term overseas patients could enjoy their stay in hotels that are conveniently located nearby their selected hospitals while traveling and exploring the city.

Hotels usually provide shuttle bus services to and from the hospital to support the guests. Meanwhile, condominiums are an alternative for longer stay patients, people who fell in love with Thailand, or people who are in need of their own space.

Condominiums are one of the fastest-growing residential properties. The evidence supports that elders who are 55 years of age or older prefer to reside in condominiums due to its accessibilities and facilities that aid their lifestyle. Most Bangkok condos are designed to fit and align with the elderly housing design principles.

Marque Sukhumvit 39, Vittorio Sukhumvit 39, TELA, and many other condominiums are conveniently located in close proximity to world-class hospitals.

Julie Parkinson

Asher Property Editor

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