Venues To Be Opened as The Current Lockdown Policy Eases: COVID-19


As the COVID-19 situation in Thailand is leaning towards a controllable situation, the government plans to ease out the lockdown policy by planning to reopen venues in eight different categories at the beginning of May. These venues include sports facilities, markets, parks, hairdressers, clinics, animal hospitals, grooming parlors, and golf courses must follow strict obligations to ensure disease control.

Restaurants would be placing seats 1.5 meters apart, not selling alcoholic beverages,  as well as complying with the new opening hours restricted by the emergency decree. During the past month, many restaurants such as Kuakling Pak Sod, Nara Thai Cuisine, Cocotte, Thong Smith, and Teppen have switched their strategies to rely heavily on delivery services such as Foodpanda, Grab, Get Food, and Lineman in order to increase their sales opportunity.

Pet Friendly

Bangkok apartment residents in Sukhumvit, Silom, Sathon, Thong Lor, and Ari areas, have also been adapting to the new food ordering lifestyle. Pet grooming, pet hospitals, as well as dog parks would reopen: Thonglor Pet hospital, Trail & tail dog park, and Dog vibes are one of those places that are going to be ready to embrace your beloved pets from the beginning of May.

Pet lovers in Bangkok would be delighted to bring their beloved pets to pamper not far away from their homes. Those places are no more than a 15-minute drive from high-end condominiums such as Marque Sukhumvit, Park 24, The Monument Thonglor, Tela, and Vittorio 39. However, only one customer could bring only one pet at a time.

Also, those premises would have to close every two hours for cleaning. Barbers and hairdressers could provide only hair washing, cutting, and drying, and also must stop providing services for cleaning every two hours. Furthermore, waiting inside the shop is prohibited during the COVID-19 outbreak. Appointments must be made in advance.

Wear Face Masks

Most importantly, all staff would be required to wear face masks and face shields. Markets and flea markets would be allowed to sell their usual goods. Health clinics would reopen, but beauty clinics would still remain closed. Before entering such places, customers must have their body temperature checked, wear a face mask, sanitize their hands with soap or alcohol, and stay 1.5-2 meters apart from each other, the Bangkok governor said. The harsh time during the time of COVID-19 is going to get better.

Stay safe and strong together.

Julie Parkinson

Asher Property Editor

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