What you need for “Retirement Visa” in Thailand

The Requirements for a Retirement Visa in Thailand.

If you are thinking of retiring to a High-end condominium in Bangkok you might have already done some research on “Why should you retire in Thailand ?”, the country appears among one of the top choices of the best places to retire. Thailand is home to thousands of thousands of expatriates from around the world who willingly relocated for new adventures, cultural experiences, luxury, and wellnesses. 

In the past few years, Thailand positions itself as a “luxury destination” for elders regarding healthcare, nursing home, and wellness centers in popular cities such as Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket, and Krabi. Not to mention selections of the high-end condominium in Bangkok that are suitable for numerous retiree lifestyles: The Ritz Carlton Residences, The Residences at Mandarin, and Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok.

The Retirement visa

The Retirement visa is in-favor of many ex-pats since the procedures are not too complex to follow. Firstly, applicants must hold a Non-Immigrant O visa to be able to sign up for the retirement visa. In order to be qualified for a retirement visa, the applicant must be at least 50 years old. There also must be financial proof showing that you can financially support yourself.

Either you can have a monthly income of 65,000 baht or holds 800,000 baht in a Thai bank account without withdrawal for at least two months before applying for the visa. After the application,

High-end condominium in Bangkok and quality Retirement Visa 2020400,000 baht must remain in the bank account for at least three months after visa approval. Visiting the Immigration Office every 90 days at any immigration office in the country is a standard compulsory. Once registered and applied in advance for 15 days before its due date, the 90 days process can also be completed online.

Everything is in the Thai language so work with an agent

Since all the paperwork and all forms are in the Thai language, an agent working on your behalf would make things a lot smoother. However, volunteered international staff is available in the main immigration offices.  They will check the application details and your supporting documents before its submission in front of a Thai Immigration officer. If you are thinking about retiring abroad, Thailand is worth considering, especially just for the High-end condominium in Bangkok.



Be charmed and enjoy your retirement years in the country’s natural beauty, exotic cuisine, and beautiful climate, with unlimited access to affordable health care with a touch of affordable luxury.

Julie Parkinson

Asher Property Editor

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