Why should you retire in Thailand? Luxury Living!

Thailand has it all. True Luxury Living

All-year-round sunshine, amazing harmonious signature blend of the spicy, subtly sweet and sour food, a wide range of shopping from little handicraft stalls to luxury shopping malls, cultural destinations, numerous selections of residents to your preferences, wellness, and friendly locals, Thailand has it all. True Luxury Living

There are worthy reasons why Thailand is increasingly becoming one of the world’s top retirement destinations. No surprise. Retirees in Thailand will find plenty to be happy about.

Luxury without hurting your pocket

The cost of living is attractive compare to the west side. Believe it or not, you will be able to afford the luxury living without hurting your pocket. Imagine having daily helping hands from live-in maids, home care, and aided care facilities in your spacey resident.

Speaking of home, you deserve to retire in a place where it cherishes every moment of your dreams. Condominiums in Bangkok are one of the most selected choices for retirees. Think of the beautiful facilities and amenities, which come without the need for expensive or time-consuming maintenance. There is no doubt Thailand is the perfect place to settle and ensure you are well looked after with astonishingly affordable costs for the top quality of life.

Every facility you would ever need

Say goodbye to loneliness. Bangkok has become home to many “farangs”, a common term for foreigners, who are free to join welcoming communities such as international social clubs and activities catered to their interests. Various residents in the heart of Bangkok are located within reach of every facility you would ever need such as Sukhumvit and Thonglor area. Once you’re settled and in love with your chosen destination, home is where the heart is. Thailand really does have true luxury living.

Julie Parkinson
Asher Property Editor


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